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Haven House Green Policy

There is much work to be done in achieving a truly green sustainable business. Having said that, I do a lot already as an individual which is a good basis to build on.

About Haven House

Haven House is a detached holiday house with three bedrooms East Looe Cornwall. We advertise exclusively on the Internet and do not have a printed brochure. All correspondence is done via email or on the phone. A good relationship can be built of using these methods of communication and of course I can provide regular updates to guests via email. Our USP’s are our location on the SW Coast Path, 2 mins from beach, shops, restaurants, 10 mins walk to bus and coach stops etc, fantastic panoramic town and harbour views and parking outside the house. I promote the business as a friendly Cornish establishment drawing on my own Cornish roots.

So how green are we already?

• Although 10mins from the bus and train stations, we are up a hill, so I offer to collect guests from the station, thus encouraging green travel. I also give details of car free travel methods and how to get about when you are here. Bus and train timetables are provided and I will book on-line onward ticket so gaining discounts for my guests.

• My web site is my showcase so is regularly refined and added to. I have links to local restaurants and activities that can be undertaken during guests visit. Festival and events are highlighted. We promote other sustainable business on our web site i.e. Purely Cornish.

• We have DDA constraints because of location and the fact the house is accessed down 15 steps, but we draw people’s attention to this on the web site. My emails do use larger size print for legibility.

• We have created a local business cluster, where stays that cannot be accommodated can be passed to others in the cluster. This is done via email forwarding.

• Our booking procedure is paper-less to the guest, however, we do keep a hard copy for our records for safety & security reasons.

• We catch rainwater in butts in the garden to water the garden and greenhouse.

• As the bathroom and separate toilet are relatively new, one is dual flush and the other has a small cistern.

• We promote local producers and supliers to save food miles. We try not to use large supermarkets where possible and shop as locally as possible where costs allow.

• If a local brand is not available we use Fairtrade products. Eggs come from our own chicken that are fed mainly by organic kitchen waste. They are free to range a large garden. Their waste and all other organic waste are composted.

• We are active members of SECTA (South East Cornwall Tourism Association) and COAST (Cornwall Sustainable Tourism project).

• We use solar lights to light balcony areas around the house and have thermostats on radiators. The boiler heat setting is set to as low a level as possible. Extra blankets are supplied in the rooms. All curtains are lined.

• In response to visitor feedback forms, we have installed a power shower in the bathroom, which has reduced the number the baths taken.

• We recycle most plastic bottles, glass & paper and clothing and encourage guests to do the same. We have a kerb side collection every 2 weeks. Organic waste is either fed to chickens or composted. I personally don’t buy any new clothes preferring to buy from charity shops and other second hand outlets.

• My other businesses are run from home and travel is limited whenever possible.

• Guests are encouraged to dry their towels on a drying rack in the room or over radiators. Although we have a tumble dryer we would encourage guests to line dry.

• A recently purchased washing machine has an A rating. Any appliance will only be replaced when broken and A rating goods sought.

Greening up the business!

Much of the improvements to our green credentials will be ongoing and phased.

Short-term projects

• Work towards accreditation on the Green Tourism Business Scheme.

• Be more vigilant in turning off appliances left on standby and also room lights.

• We are in the process of phasing out ordinary bulbs and changing to low energy.

• SW Tourism cards encouraging turning off appliance left on stand by will be deployed in rooms.

We have made a commitment to ensure we protect the beautiful environment of Cornwall and encourage guests to recycle their rubbish by providing recycling bins in the kitchen. All our cleaning products are environmentally friendly. We are happy to collect car free guests from the railway station or bus stop and offer information on how to support other local businesses and in particular reduce food miles.

South East Cornwall Tourism Association (SECTA), in partnership with Caradon District Council, has introduced The SECTA Green Acorn Award Scheme, a voluntary, "green tourism" Award scheme. We have been inspected by South East Cornwall Tourism association and have won Green Acorn accreditation by making at least 25 improvements to reduce the impact of our business, and that of our guests, on the environment.

The Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Project (CoaST) Network provides the opportunity for an association of organisations and individuals committed to the successful development of sustainable tourism in Cornwall to exchange ideas, knowledge and expertise - this is your one-stop shop for help and advice see , email  tel. 01872 562057.

Green Policy

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